GARGANTUAN Update! XO 1.46

New ships! New Achievements! More events! XO 1.46 “Observing the Perpetual Conservancy” We thought it’d be a good idea to release a gargantuan update! NEW SHIPS: Empire Perpetuator This small Empire carrier isn’t able to repair gunboats, but has a mini shipyard aboard that can create entirely new gunboats. You’ll still need to find the crew for them… Empire Minerboat… Read more →

Astonishingly Huge Update! XO 1.45

Tractor Beams! New Ships! Cannibalize ships! Mega QOL updates! Welcome to 1.45, our biggest update yet! TRACTOR BEAMS: All ships can now equip a tractor beam. Tractors use lots of fuel and can be temporarily disabled by ion torpedoes. Tractors have a lot of uses: Tractor beams, as you might expect, hold ships in place. If a ship is disabled,… Read more →

GIANT Update! XO 1.44

Steam announcement: GIANT Update! XO 1.44 Achievements! New ships! More events! Beginner mode! Version 1.44 brings three new ships, achievements, new abilities for boarding parties, new events, a proper beginner mode, and a ton of balance and bug fixes! NEW SHIPS: Three new ships join the fleet in 1.44! The Corp Merchant ship is a small warship that makes up… Read more →

MEGA Update! XO 1.43

New ships, items, events, starting fleets, and much more!XO 1.43 – Rolling the Hard Six Version 1.43 brings several new ships, many new items, more events and a totally new way of starting the game! NEW SHIPS: Three new ships join the fleet in 1.43! The Irenic Casino ship generates ore from passengers! When passengers are aboard, right click and… Read more →